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Episode 91: Steve Taysom and the Mormon Studies Reader

Glenn Ostlund interviews author Steve Taysom about his upcoming Mormon Reader. Shakers, Mormons, and Religious Worlds: Conflicting Visions, Contested Boundaries Dimensions of Faith: A Mormon Studies Reader Episode 91 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 82: Tom Kimball and Signature Books

John Larsen interviews Tom Kimball of Signature books about his faith journey and about Signature Books. Signature Books Signature Books Library Early Mormonism and the Magic World View In Sacred Loneliness Insiders View DNA and The Book of Mormon Backslider Nauvoo Endowment Companies Quorum of the Anointed Episode 82 Your browser does not support the

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Episode 43: Outside Looking In

John Larsen is joined by Guests Chris Smith and Bridget Jack Meyers to discuss their observations of the Mormon world. Both Bridget and Chris are non-Mormons who have made a significant part of the University study the subject of Mormons and Mormonism. Bridget’s Blog: Clobber Blog Chris’ Blog: Mild-Mannered Musings Episode 43 Your browser does

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Episode 19: Mormons and the Cross

In this episode we chat with Mike Reed about his thesis work concerning Mormons and the cross, its history and current attitudes today. Deseret New article Mormon Times article Salt Lake Tribune article Mike’s Blog: http://culturalmormoncafeteria.blogspot.com/ Episode 19 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 1: Leaving the Church but not Leaving it Alone

In this episode, the panelists discuss the issue of “leaving the Church but not leaving it alone. Panelists include George, Jim, John, Nyal and Tom. Topics addressed include dealing with the loss of faith and what to do next, the role of the online community, researching the Church, ongoing connection to the Mormon community and the psychology of those who stay and those who leave.

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