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Episode 47: Bob McCue

John Larsen is joined by Bridget, Zilpha, Tom, George and Jim to interview Bob McCue. The original The Church is not True podcasts can be had here Bob’s Website Holland’s Talk: A Prayer for the Children FAIR’s Bob McCue Page FAIR’s Bob McCue Page priory to February 2010 Michael Shermer’s Book: Why People Believe Weird

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Episode 16: In the Shadow of the Temple

In this episode, we speak with Dennis and Karen, the producers of the In the Shadow of the Temple documentary. This film, which will be released at the ex-Mormon conference on Oct 10th 2009, explores the emotional experience of several individuals who leave the Church and the journey they follow. The non-Mormon producers bring a

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Episode 12: Ex-Mormon Exit Narratives

The panel is joined by Seth Payne to discuss his work on the phenomena of Ex-Mormon exit narratives. Topics discussed include the sociological research on such narratives, exit narrative’s formulas and structures, the communities playing into the narratives and narrative purpose and intent. Seth’s paper on exit stories can be had here: http://www.sethpayne.com/?p=691 Episode 12

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