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Episode 76: Mistakes were made: How not to leave the Church

John Larsen is joined by Nyal, Jim and Zilpha to discuss common mistakes that are made when people leave the Church. Episode 76 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 45: Faithful Spouses

John is joined by Brian, Charlene, and Kristene. Each talk about their own struggles dealing with their spouses’ lose of belief and discuss their online project, Faces East. Faces East Discussion Board: http://www.faceseast.org/ Episode 45 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 6: New Order Mormons

In our special “members only” episode panelist Tom and George interview the guest Dave. Dave is a moderator and founder of the new order website at http://newordermormon.org/. Dave and the panel discuss what it means to be a cafeteria or New Order Mormon (NOM). Discussed is the psychology of doubt, the history of the New

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Episode 5: What does it Mean to be Mormon?

In this podcast, the panel returns to discuss what it means to be Mormon and the Churches role in defining the term. We discuss the Churches efforts to control and define the proper usage of the term and sort out who is a Mormon and who is not, the modern polygamists, trademark and brand protection,

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