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Episode 48: Mormon Humor

Zilpha, George, Tom and John Larsen are joined by Glenn Ostlund to discuss Mormon Humor. Salamander Society Website Sunstone Article on L Tom Perry’s Kuna Idaho stake, Talk Text of Kuna Idaho Talk Email Episode 48 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 20: Listener Feedback

In this podcast the panel takes some time to answer voice mail and to answer some FAQs. Episode 20 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 14: Science and Disbelief

In this podcast guests Seth and Lorin join John Larsen in a discussion concerning the role of science in the loss of testimony. Seth and Lorin share their own journeys out of the Church and how scientific thought effected their outlook on Mormonism. Episode 14 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 8: John Dehlin and Mormon Stories

In this episode the panel is joined by special Guest John Dehlin. John Discusses his Mormon Stories project and what has happened since. The discussion includes a retrospective of John’s favorite interviews, the reaction to Mormon Stories by the public,  John’s personal journey of faith and his renewed faith in the Church, issues of faith,

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Episode 5: What does it Mean to be Mormon?

In this podcast, the panel returns to discuss what it means to be Mormon and the Churches role in defining the term. We discuss the Churches efforts to control and define the proper usage of the term and sort out who is a Mormon and who is not, the modern polygamists, trademark and brand protection,

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