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I cross-post my blogs at http://oxymormongirl.blogspot.com/ . Feel free to visit that site to learn more about me.

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Are You Experiencing Ex-Mormon Stereotype Threat?

Recently the concept of stereotype threat has made it onto my radar.  I think this particular concept might possibly explain some of the source of the anxieties I’ve been experiencing in relation to the church lately (e.g. I’ve been having panic attacks every time I have to interact with a ward member or discuss church-related issues with family members). Read on if you think you might relate… More

Fostering a Healthy Environment for Independent Thought (and Why the Church Fails to Do It)

Hi, everyone. This is my debut blog post on the Mormon Expression blog. John said it was cool if I cross-post some of the blog posts I do at my original blog: Oxymormongirl, so that’s what I’m going to do. Feel free to check the site archives for more of my material if you like what you see here. This entry is one I wrote a couple of months ago that I thought the ME crowd might possibly enjoy. It seemed appropriate given that General Conference weekend is upon us.

By now many of you have seen the chart from this blog entry posted by A Mormon in the Cheap Seats on the Doves and Serpents blog not too long ago. It flowcharted the epistemology (e.g. method for discovering whether something is true or not) that is taught in a traditional Sunday School. (I watched it ripple a couple of times through the ex-Mormon subreddit and on the ME Facebook page so you’ve probably seen it.) More