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  • Janie Oyakawa

    The Fellowship of Freethought board is happy to host you as a speaker in January and the local Dallas group is thrilled at the prospect of a live recording of Mormon Expression.
    When you have time can we talk details and so I can proceed with finding a good location and start building the event. We are considering a small conference like day. A “ex-mo testimony meeting, Recovery from religion speaker, lunch and then live recording. Is that too ambitious? Let me know what you think.

  • Emanuel Zevallos

    To Whom it may concern, I am a new author in the publishing field and I just wrote a book called 25 Catholic Mormon 26. I am open to share some insights on how I created the book and why I made it. It is about my story: A devout Catholic on the verge of taking the oath of poverty to become a Franciscan and decides to become Mormon a few months later. Deseret Book is Richard Bushman, author of Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling endorsed the book and so did Peter Johnson (worked 20 years with the church making movies under the direction of Gordon B. Hinckley) Was wondering if you can help get the word about the book. I am open to do an interview… Going on a two year mission with this book, Emanuel Zevallos