Truman G. Madsen

Episode 65a: The First Vision for Dummies Part 1

George, Mike, Glenn, join John Larsen to discuss the 4 major accounts of the First Vision.

Lost in a Shopping Mall
New Your Times Ideas & Trends; For Air Crash Detectives, Seeing Isn’t Believing

Episode 61: Bonus: 10 Tribes–the After Discussion

John, Zilpha, Tom, Mike, and Glenn in a “captured” lively discussion about a variety of topics. Perk up your ears for great lines such as “You know who screwed them up?, God!”, “The cows are gonna pass down the culture?”, “They’ll be having sex”, “You don’t pray to the Daughter in the name of the Mother, it doesn’t work that way.”, “So you’re not “Fowler Stage 5?”…I couldn’t even say it without laughing.”, “Faith for me is just kind of a hope to keep peace in my house.” and other gems.